A downloadable game

This is very short horror game with logic features. Environment is inspired by surrealistic paintings.

Before you start, just remember that clock shows only 12 hours!

First, you need to find tape and picklock.

In second map you need to answer the question (using clocks on the wall) which is included in phrase: "Bones were thrown and all of them are broken".

At the third puzzle you need to check which of switches lights the bulb in room at your left side (you can go there only one time). On the right side you have switches that turns on bulb, and straight are located switches which you should use to answer the question (if you think first switch turns on bulb you should pull first switch from left, etc. ).

Last room is just room in which you fall, because there is some problem with floor :P Yeah, but we call this -> FEATURE ;)


Final.zip 149 MB